The Art of Love

Art at school was my first experience of love. You know the feelings right? Of wanting to spend all your time with your loved one.. Hmm yeah.. ‘sigh & breath’ that was, what it was.

Whilst having to spend time with others like maths ‘blurgh’ and technology down the hallway, I would anticipate for my lunch hour to come quickly so I could rejoin my beloved.

Somehow the ability to use any tools excited me, they invited me to be a little scientist and create and explore the world around me. At 15 these ‘tools’ as I put it could range from leaves I picked up in the autumn fall, to create patterns and imprints, to just a ball point pen and draw random abstract drawings on whatever the ink would stain.

I enjoyed and experienced this love affair until I finalised my exams and after this somehow I never explored art again.

I didn’t have the opportunity to study this through further education and my parents didn’t really understand much about my passion.

And here I am almost 15years later and here’s where my story begins again.

After a very difficult ten year marriage and two very young children with me I was broken.

It was just before this event this I was given a piece of art. Beautiful and bright and bursting with colour. I was mesmerised. Inside I asked myself how do they do that, I wouldn’t have a clue, the brush strokes, the colour blends, the vibrancy. Inspiration sparked inside me and I felt joy, I felt my heart smile.

I had no tools, no idea about what paints to use. I was clueless.

So I got out my pastry brush, yes I had gotten pretty good at cooking over the years and that was the type of brush I knew and brought some paints from a local grocery shop and thought hey lets give this a go.

I was static and I was broken from my divorce and when my children would sleep at night I would slowly and quietly sit in front of the gas fire and attempt to paint.

And slowly slowly my confidence grew.

Art helped me release. Helped me heal on some level. Helped me express. Helped me create.

So here I am today sharing that first piece I completed.

Because once upon a time a special someone who was brave enough to paint, to express, to create, to share inspired me and I hope that I too can inspire one of you to believe in yourself.